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Falcons vs Jaguars: Week 4 NFL Preseason Betting Preview And Picks


Both Jaguars and the Falcons have been currently riding a skid but — of course — something’s gotta contribute on Thursday if this set collides at TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville.
The Jaguars enter week 4 of the preseason since the home favorites that are small, putting -4 points over NFL betting platforms at the right time of writing. The complete is located hovering around 32 points.
Atlanta Falcons (0-0-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0-3)
Thursday, August 29, 2019, 7:00 PM EST TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville.
Pick: Jaguars UNDER 32.5 (-115)
Recommended Sportsbook: Pinnacle
To be honest, the Bookmakers proceeded to press together with the Jaguars set up as the -3 house faves from the spread, but the line has moved using a whopping 97% of bets coming down the wire for the Jaguars. As much as Jaguars setting -4 points, where it currently stands. Some novels have become high as Jaguars -4.5 — for example 5Dimes.
Knowing exactly what a head coach’s approach into the preseason might be is useful for NFL bettors now of the season, when its outcome can be dramatically impacted by the carousel of players being clubbed in a match .
We can not know how all the matchups will pan out or which players will grow to the expectations. We could speculate.
Though is that Dan Quinn nor even Doug Marrone appear to be putting a great deal of stock into these matches so and instilling a winning attitude, 1 thing we could remove from this preseason is concerned.
Both, it would seem, are currently carrying a sagacious and pragmatic strategy, seeing preseason expressly.
Underscoring this notion is both trainers in the preseason’s ATS recordings. Feast your eyes on these stats: Dan Quinn will be 4-15-0 ATS (21.1percent winning ratio) while Doug Marrone is 8-10-1 ATS (44.4% winning ratio). Where the totals are concerned, Quinn is 6-12-1 while still Marrone is 7-12-0.
So are NFL bettors to make heads or tails of this matchup? You guessed it. It’s a complete tossup!
Since it is, starters both teams have seen actions and last week they were fielded in limited capability. It’s unlikely that we’ll observe any traipsing their merchandise .
Four to points though does seem much when thinking about the majority of the conflicts that are positional appear sorted to lay with the Jaguars. There’s also the way they have been outscored in each game, dropping by an average of 19.33 points per game.
On the flip side, the exact same is true for the Falcons, who’ve been losing games by an average of 8.75 points (Falcons were outscored by 89 to 54 in four matches 89-54=35/4=8.75).
When the two sides have done to win any match in August, how can those NFL chances be bought into by NFL bettors? Somebody will win it, but determining which team is going to do so is an exercise in frustration.
But Jaguars have set less points than they’ve been outscored by over the span of three games (17 points united compared to a mean of 19.33 conceded per game). And the Falcons as well as Quinn have not won a postseason game since 2016, and they don’t seem inclined to change that streak of form.
It is not the sort of consistency among lauds, but it’s something to hang your hat here. Preseason games to be lost by A consistency. As such, we’re fading both teams SU and ATS, and looking rather to the overall markets and sealing the UNDER 32.5 (-115) together with Pinnacle.
NFL Free Picks: UNDER 32.5 with Pinnacle

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